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del solCOSTA DEL SOL – Costa del Sol is one of the most sought-after beaches in Spain. It can boast of more or less 300 sunny days per year. There are some occasional rainfalls, constant breeze and pleasant temperature all year round. Long beautiful beaches are washed by the emerald and crystal clear sea. For more comfortable enjoyment of sun and sea, there is a possibility to rent couchettes or sunshades on the beach and you can eventually take a rest in delightful shadows of the coast bars, where you can get some drinks or tasty refreshment.www.benalmadenacosta.es
tivoliTIVILI WORLD – Only 10 min. by walking into the centre of the town, there is one of the biggest amusement parks in Spain – TIVOLI WORLD. You will enjoy many interesting attractions in this place, such as merry-go-rounds, pools, toboggans, live performances and much more. You can have a snack at pleasure in one of the many tropical restaurants as well. All of this costs only 7,95 Euro for 1 person/day. www.tivili.es
lanovkaCABLE RAILWAY BENALMADENA – In the centre of the town, near the park TIVOLI WORLD, there is a cable railway station, which can ride you on the top of the mountain towering above Benalmadena. From the top of the hill, you can have the best view on the sea, Malaga and the other neighbouring towns. You may also see wonderful performances of hawkers and horse riders here.www.telefericobenalmadena.com
busBENALMADENA BUS – Get on our bus and let us take you to the most interesting places of the town Benalmadena. You can listen and also read the story about the town in 8 world languages. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours. The system hop-on and hop-off allows you to get off the vehicle on each bus stop and look around. After few minutes you can get back on to see more places.
aquariumParque Submarino Sea Life Aquarium It is not a typical aquarium. This is one of the first submarine amusement parks in Spain – the place where you can have your own experience with submarine life. You will learn a lot about the submarine creatures and their feeding, which is usually demonstrated in front of the eyes of visitors. www.visitsealife.com
historicke centrumHISTORICAL CENTRE OF MALAGA – Malaga is a province, which is the centre of a region Costa del Sal. It is located less than 20 km from Benalmadena. The historical centre is right behind a great port and on the east from a station. At the tourist shop, you can get a map of the city for free. This map shows the most interesting monuments such as PASEO DEL PARQUE, ALCAZABA, GIBRALFARO, the Cathedral LA MANQUITA, MARQUÉS de LARIOS Street, and MUSEUM PICASSO. www.malagaturismo.com
palomaPALOMA PARK – Paloma Park is actually situated in the centre of Benalmadena in the quarter Arroyo de la Miel. It is an ideal place for peaceful walking or a picnic in the nature. Moreover, there are playgrounds for children, where you can spend a great time with your family.
golfGOLF COURSE – Costa del Sol is one of the most popular destinations for people who like golf. Near the accommodation and also in the nearby environment, there are a lot of golf courses. Some of them are located in the places with beautiful view on the sea. So you can do this magic sport looking on the sea waves. www.costagolftravel.com
sieraSIERRA NEVADA – is the mountain range located 180 km north-east from Benalmadena, over the city Granada. It is the second highest mountain range after the Alps in the Western Europe. The peak Mulhacén (3479 m) is the highest one in Spain. On the west slope of Veleta Mountain, there is a ski resort, where the downhill courses are opened from November till the end of April. In spring, it causes the unbelievable contrast that you can ski on the snow-white slopes on the mountains and a few hours later you can swim and sunbathe down by the sea. However, this place is also attractive for those people who like hiking because they can visit a lot of tourist paths, which are opened mainly in summer and offer wonderful views.www.sierranevada.es
nakupySHOPPING – for those who like shopping, there is a shopping paradise with a great number of shopping centres, where you can buy anything from clothes and typical food to souvenirs of any kind. Spanish markets have a unique atmosphere that needs to be seen.
vyletyTIPS ON TRIPS The cities such as Seville, Cordoba or Granada are part of world historical monuments and it is worth to visit them for their architectural magnificence, which is influenced by different cultures. In Granada, there is the most interesting tour of Alhambra, which used to be a royal town. In Cordoba, there is a mixture of Arabic and Jewish cultural influences such as mosques, the Jewish quarter, synagogues, the Roman bridge, famous gardens and many other monuments. The other tourist destinations are Morocco and Gibraltar. You can spend time with shopping here or take a trip on a ship and see dolphins living in the wild.
zabavaAMUSEMENT AND NIGHTLIFE – In every vacation spots, you can find a large number of restaurants, bars and popular discos. However, Andalusia offers much more than this. Almost every small town arrange Feria – free day once a year. The best known are Feria de Sevilla in April, Feria de Jerez de la frontera in May and the most popular for tourists is Feria de Malaga in August. These festivals of flamenco rhythm are accompanied with fairs, the amusement attractions and merry-go-rounds.
bycieBULLFIGHTING – Another popular attraction is traditional bullfighting, which take place near the port in the modern arena. Most of them can be seen in August when Malaga is celebrated religious feasts and townsmen drink wine, eat tapas and dance flamenco.