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Price list - www.spanishholiday.eu

Price list

The first price category: months – JUN, JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER

  • Basic price – 60 Euro/night
  • Discount semana – 420 Euro/7 nights (save 50 Euro)
  • Discount diez dias – 600 Euro/10 nights (save 100 Euro)

The second price category: months – APRIL, MAY and OCTOBER

  • Basic price – 50 Euro/night
  • Discount semana – 320 Euro/7 nights (save 30 Euro)
  • Discount diez dias – 450 Euro/10 nights (save 50 Euro)

The third price category: months – JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER

  • Basic price – 40 Euro/night
  • Discount semana – 250 Euro/7nights
  • Discount diez dias – 350 Euro/10 nights
  • Discount invierno – 600 Euro/month
  • The prices are for the apartment, not for a person

A maximum number of people is bounded to 4 people for a capacity reason. A recommended number of people for keeping sufficient comfort are 2 persons.

These prices are only for the accommodation and do not include costs for travel and food. After consultation, we can provide a transport – the direct flight from Bratislava to Malaga.

The price packs, which include travel costs, are approximately 600 Euro for 2 persons. More information about the concrete prices and free dates on…

A firm reservation requires booking fee – 20 % from the final sum.

In the case of overlapping of months from two different price categories, you will pay the price of the month in which there are more days than in the other one (valid for discounts).